From the day he was born, Jon Maxwell has always hammed it up for family and friends. In elementary school he performed in plays and also sang in the school choir.

Jon's first paid acting role was one of the children of the old woman in the shoe in the original production "Babes in Toyland: Barnaby's Story" at The 2nd Space theatre in Fresno, California. From his experience in this production, Jon learned the ropes of acting from professional and disciplined individuals and has since carried these values with him to each subsequent performance. It is these values that have allowed him to continue to work for so long in such a daunting industry.

It wasn't long before others in his home town began to take notice of his performing abilities and professional attitude. Commercial, print, and voiceover work soon followed. In fact, his first commercial was a starring role as a boy who was trying to coax his parents into buying a home in a new gated community.

In later years, Jon attended Roosevelt School of the Arts and participated in several of the school's theatre endeavors. In his final production with the school, he played Reverend Samuel Parris in "The Crucible" -- a role which garnered him the Best Actor award for that year.

After over a decade of doing theatre and commercial work semi-professionally, he set his sights on tackling another medium: film. He quickly enrolled in a myriad of film classes and after only a few months of study landed a role in his first feature length motion picture.

Jon now resides in sunny southern California where he continues to study the art of acting and works regularly in all areas of the entertainment industry.